upcoming solar eclipse      august 21, 2017


2016 was my first year atending any arts and craft shows and since we had fun and good results we plan to do more in 2017.  this page will serve as a gallery of new items and upcoming shows or events that we plan to attend.  the first event in 2017 will probably not be until late may or june, which will give me time to replenish my stock.   thanks for watching

on august 21, 2017 a total eclipse will traverse the entire united states from coast to coast. beginning on the coast of oregon and exiting on the beaches of south carolina the path of totality 70 miles wide will cross 10 states.  check it out .

I will be here

So far my plans for 2017 are to participate in the following arts and craft shows...

ART ON THE GREEN...BANNER ELK, NC   MEMORIAL DAY weekend -  may 27, 28

                                                            4TH OF JULY WEEKEND  - july 1, 2

                                                            somewhere in the totality path august 21

                                                             LABOR DAY WEEKEND - sept 2, 3

Foothill Folk Art Festival