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Embrace the Primitive

               Since early man first walked the earth, he had to urge to leave a record of life’s events, and sought for those mediums which were available. From cave drawings to the stacking of one stone upon another, those early efforts reflected life as art. Primitive men translated what was relevant to life via any method available to him. It was art that really mattered, the instinctual and compulsive expression of primitive life.

                I have always been inspired by such expressions and endeavor to convey a primitive tone to all my pieces. My subjects include birds, fish, dragonflies, butterflies, rock men (stone gnomes), dinosaurs, and just about any creature or abstract that can be assembled from the rocks and stones that I have collected.  All the stones used are collected locally in the northwestern mountain counties of North Carolina, normally referred to as the “High Country”.

                My pieces tend to be more like caricatures and, therefore, less anatomically correct. Case in point are my birds, which are almost always constructed with only one leg, which most people don't even notice at first. Of course, in profile the one leg represents two. This is also done due to the near impossible task of creating two skinny bird legs out of stone which would have to support all the weight of the piece. As long as the subject matter is recognized, then I have succeeded.

               I call my pieces "garden art" for they are constructed to endure the extremes of the outdoors. While they display well in that environment, they enhance the home décor as well. Over the past ten years I have developed a reliable method which involves drilling and pinning, along with adhesives, to join the stones that form a completed work. One cannot merely glue stones together and expect them to withstand the rigors of the environment and stay intact no matter what adhesive is used. Although not indestructible, I have pieces that have survived the freeze and thaw of the High Country for years.

               The purpose of this site is to offer a display of my works and not to act as a catalog for selling. My art can only be obtained locally, since shipping costs would be nearly prohibitive due to the weight. I intend to participate in local craft shows when possible and will try to post those event dates and locations here. Visitors are welcome to drop by to browse, but calling ahead is encouraged.
              Your visit here confirms you have already "Embraced the Primitive" so enjoy browsing and watch for posting of new items.


Thank you,

Ken “Kenny Bill” Broderick